About Our Store

Augmenting Your Collections


At Classic First Editions--we strive to offer our customers a wide range of quality first edition books from both popular contemporary authors of the last century--so called "Modern Firsts"--and also those authors who may have "flown under the radar" but still were influential in helping to shape Modern Fiction by providing unique writing perspectives. We also offer first edition/first impression collections from authors who are considered to be ground breaking and uniquely American writers--- such as Kurt Vonnegut Jr.---who are often credited by other authors as having influenced their own writing styles. Not all of our books are listed--so please feel free to inquire about special authors or books.

Personalized Service--Going The Extra Mile


Before we were booksellers- we were book collectors. At Classic First Editions- we understand the passion of collecting books and authors- the importance of enhancing your collection- and the desire to possess the best possible quality available- at a reasonable price. We know the feeling of elation upon first opening a new book just arrived at your door---and we also know the sting of disappointment when the internet description doesn't match the book you have received. At Classic First Editions- we guarantee two things: 1. Total satisfaction with every purchase. 2. Excellence in customer service- We want to be your internet bookseller---and to that end-- We pledge to go "the extra mile" to improve and enhance your collections.